Metropolitan Hospital is the newest private hospital set to bring together the best physicians, high-end equipment, premium services and an environment full of life (starting from conception, birth and treatments or interventions for the management or prevention of diseases). Access to all these is possible in a special location, with large and friendly spaces that combine safety, warmth and elegance.

In downtown Bucharest, Metropolitan Hospital is easily accessible with two entry routes: one from Calea Șerban Vodă and from Poterași Street.

Metropolitan Hospital provides medical services crucial to your life, from birth to senior age, both by examinations and outpatient treatment, (natural or C-section) births and by a wide range of surgical interventions. The healthcare team will focus on patients 24/7 in on-call lines, ensuring high quality expertise.

On a 10,000m2 area, the hospital includes a general operating theatre with 4 operating rooms, a physiological delivery unit and an ophthalmology operating theatre.

It is ranged on 3 levels (basement, ground floor and 1 floor) and it includes 81 beds, single or VIP units.

At Metropolitan Hospital, we believe a patient-oriented approach is essential; thus, we make sure our patients benefit from optimal services and leave us with confidence in our team.

For our patients’ peace and safety, we have a card access system at each building story, both for the patients and for the visitors and the staff.
The hospital is warm, elegant and friendly, which provides the patient with fast accommodation focused on safety and quality. Beyond the medical field-related aspects, our patients are free to enjoy comfortable waiting rooms, large and bright examination rooms, personal reserves or VIP reserves, while they benefit only from high quality services.
We welcome you at Metropolitan Hospital, to solve early any health issue that may trouble you.